"TransFORMation into retirement is a process of discovering who you can be in retirement. Even when you can't control when you retire, you can plan for the kind of life you want to live."

— Tyson Jon Ray

Your Journey

While retirement eliminates the day-to-day stress of the workplace, the end of a regular paycheck can serve as a new source of stress. It isn’t easy to spend the savings you’ve worked so hard to build, especially if you fear spending too much too soon and running out of money. This is not the retirement you deserve.

Our goal is to guide you to your “Retirement Utopia” – that place where you are living the life you want, where you are content with what you have, where you trust you have planned well, and are living that plan. Then your focus can shift from fear to contentment, where you are not afraid of running out of money, where you are living your life in the best way possible.

We have learned a few secrets from many clients who have achieved their utopia. The most important of these secrets is to know who you are and what you want.

We’ve also seen that retirement unfolds in stages. And with each stage of retirement, your wants and needs change.

The “Go Go” Years of Retirement
The “Slow Go” Years of Retirement
The “No Go” Years of Retirement