"Most financial advisors begin and end with a focus on your money. We focus first on you and the FORM you want your life to take. Then we help guide you toward a life that includes what matters most to YOU."

— Luke Kuchenberg

Our Difference

To be able to advise you on how to use your money to achieve the life you want, we need to understand and know you.

To this end, together we will discover your life’s FORM so we can manage your wealth around what really matters to you.

Family. Who do you love and care about? Do they have any special circumstances which must be considered?
Occupation. What work do you do?  What do you want to do in the future?
Recreation. How do you spend free time? Which activities and hobbies do you enjoy? What interests you?
Mission. How do you want to leave your mark on the world? What will be your legacy?

Why FORM Wealth Advisors

This is just one of the ways we’re different than other advisors. Here are a few more.

We Begin With You.
We Never Stop Building Relationships.
We Manage Money Differently.
This is Our First and Only Career.
We Are Not Going to Retire in Your Retirement.
We Are a Small Independent Practice--Intentionally.
We Charge One Simple Quarterly Fee.