Author: Tyson Ray, CFP®

What Is Your “It List”?

Recently millions of American’s were dreaming. The Powerball lottery hit a record 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. Everyone who bought a ticket allowed themselves, if only for an instant, to think, ‘If I won, I would…’and they would name their “It List.” My question to you, what would you do if […]

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FORMing Our Philosophy

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned so far in my 18-year career is the critical difference between having a market philosophy versus a market outlook. This philosophy has been established based on all that history can teach about investing, and it is maintained and strengthened when new events […]

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PerFORMance = How Are We Doing?

Whenever you asked Grandma how Grandpa was doing, she always answered, “Compared to what?” In order to define how we are doing as your advisors managing your life savings, you need to compare us to something. The problem is, how do you compare us and to what? Over the years […]

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Go Go – Slow Go – No Go

The moment you retire and your monthly paycheck stops automatically depositing into your bank account, a new stress enters your life. The stress comes from the idea of living off the assets you have spent your life saving. The stress comes from the idea of turning the valve or flipping […]

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Accumulation – Transformation – Utopia

There are many different stages of life that we journey through. We are kids. We are students. We are young adults. We might get married. We work and raise a family. We then retire and redefine our life stages all over again. Clients have taught me life is a journey, […]

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Prevent Poverty By Being Patient

Life teaches you lessons. When I started out in this business at 22 years old, I knew one thing… I didn’t know much about what it takes to invest someone’s life savings to last over a 30-year-plus retirement. So I did the only thing I knew I could do, which […]

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